Photos of Lolita

All photos by Peter Pijpelink - October 30, 2007.

ppresting1 Lolita as she spends 23 hours per day before and after showtime.

ppeyeball1 Eye to eye with Lolita.

ppteeth1 Lolita's teeth appear healthy. Front teeth do not erupt in orcas.

ppresting2 Lolita still at rest before and after showtime.

ppshowstart1 Lolita starts another show.

ppshowstart2 The first command of the show.

pptrick1 The first act of the show.

pptrick2 The first big splash of the show.

ppfish1 Lolita lines up for a piece of fish.

ppfishchunk After the trick, Lolita gets fed.

pptrick3 Next trick, Lolita gives a ride.

pptailwave Next, Lolita waves her tail.

ppflukes Next, Lolita splashes the front row with her flukes, with her jaw about a foot above the bottom of the pool.

pptailwave Now back for another piece of fish.

ppbackride Trainer walks on Lolita's back.

ppsaddleup Lolita usually cooperates with the show routine.

ppslideout Lolita slides up the ramp.

ppsaddlepatch Lolita's saddle patch is typical of Southern Residents'.

ppcamouflage Education: Where did they get false eye patch?.

ppnatural Education.

ppdidyouknow Education.